my work focuses on navigating existence through memories, loss, and human connection. i explore these themes through storytelling by way of handmade paper, embroidery, and textiles. i draw inspiration from growing up amid palm trees, sprawling roads, and the strip malls of florida. i am intrigued by the ripple effects of decisions and how each little moment has led up to what life is right now. i hope i can continue to find better understanding through my work of the lives my mother and grandmothers led, and the intricate webs they have woven to create the life i know today.

each piece is handmade and hand embroidered, with a focus on the labor and, at times, failing moments during the process. i allow the process to dictate the journey of the piece, and though there are times when the paper will rip, or the stitches don't work, this allows me to let go of the need to control, and ultimately let go of the emotional attachment i have to the subjects of my work.


all images © anny crane 2017